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Concrete Gutter Removals Manchester

Concrete Gutter Replacement in Manchester.

Over the last two weeks we have been working on several concrete gutter replacement projects in the Manchester.

The properties were constructed in 1964 and are located in the Whitefield district of Greater Manchester. Our brief was to remove the concrete gutters from two mid terraced houses, and to eradicacte water penetration into the properties. Both houses where suffering from leaking gutters with water damage evident to several locations. The second property had suffered badly, with plaster having dropped off one bedroom window due to persistent leaking of the gutters.
Both properties had had an aluminium liner installed some 10 years previously. The liner had failed vey quickly (within 5 years) largely due to inadequate detailing of the joints, which consisted of a double lap with a bituminous coating to calk the joint. Subsequent thermal movement of the lining had compromised the joints rendering them totally ineffective, allowing the water to gather beneth the lining and seep through the concrete.
The concrete roof tiles were pushed back and the felt was inspected. The first line of sarking felt to the second property was badly eroded and the first 3 rows of batons were completely rotted. So the sarking felt was replaced with a breathable membrane and new batons were installed.
The alumium linings were removed and the concrete gutters were cut off as per the specification using a TS800 Stihl saw.
The installation proceeded following our normal specification:
38mm x 150mm C16 pre-treated backing board,25mm PIR insulation, 175mm plastic fascia, 6mm soffit board, eaves protection, bird combs and over fascia vents.
This particular project presented a particular problem: how to make up the joint between the alumium liner and our Ogee profiled gutter. Our usual connecting piece wouldn’t fit and we had to be sure that the void below the aluminium liner was effectively sealed.
This entailed using two beads of hydrophilic seal between the liner and the concrete gutter, with 6 5mm x 40mm screws restraining the aluminium liner.
The seal was effectively made and the job completed. Each property took two days to complete.